How do you get a comprehensive overview of your data when it exists in so many different systems? That's the question we set out to answer for the Research and Knowledge Transfer department at the University of Exeter.

This system collates information from staff records, research data and financial transactions to give people a complete overview of their research activities, from pre-award through to post-award management.


Improved Data Quality

One of the side effects of bringing the information together meant the system could check each dataset for irregularities and conflicting information, providing us with a 'data quality' score which can be monitored and fed back to staff

Powerful Data Visualisations

The data visualisations allow you to explore and manipulate data in an interactive environment, allowing everyone to perform complex data analysis straight from their web browser

Empowered Users

Staff can now get a full spread of information about their research activities in real time, allowing them to make better decisions and to react faster to change

How Can Switch Systems Help You?

We love developing innovative ways to manipulate and visualise complex data, using the very latest in web technologies to allow real-time analysation.