The Electronic Staff Recruitment System (ESR1) was initially based on a paper based system at the University of Exeter. A binder of forms had to be circulated via the internal mail to different people for sign-off and approval, which was slow and inefficient at best of times.

We developed a new web-based system which interfaced with their TRENT HR database, reducing the amount of errors and allowing us to add extra features like automatic pay calculation, dynamic approval paths and document storage.


We won an award in 2012:

The University is growing its staff numbers which means that having effective systems to recruit the best both locally and internationally is critical. [...] By end of this year, the on line system will have saved at least 15,210 sheets of paper and the circulation of 1,200 internal mail envelopes.
Awarded "Outstanding Innovation/Project of the Year"

How Can Switch Systems Help You?

Changing business processes can be disruptive, but we think that's a good thing. We've streamlined communications, improved transparency and reliability and added extra functionality that couldn't have been done before, by providing an intuitive web based replacement for a paper based system.