Equipment Register

In large organisations it's often difficult for assets to be discoverable to the rest of the organisation; working out what bits of kit are out on loan can be a nightmare, so that's what we set out to solve. No more spreadsheets controlled by gatekeepers, this is a single online repository where departments have full control over every asset through their individual life cycles.

An example equipment profile


Cost Savings

Academics can check to see if equipment already exists when applying for research grants

Loan Tracking

No more misplaced equipment - a trackable loan history shows where the equipment currently is and when it's due back in

No more Excel Spreadsheets

Online systems not only let people quickly and easily add/edit equipment, but they can also take pictures of the kit and upload them direct from their mobile phones

Life Cycle Management

From ordering through to delivery, installation, maintenance and retirement - the system manages every item's unique life cycle

How Can Switch Systems Help You?

By taking an information silo and transforming it with online and mobile access, everyone can access the data when and where they need it the most.